Definitely Not Worth Waiting For

Flowers of Asparagus rubicundus (Asparagaceae)

We have highlighted some beautiful and interesting plants on these pages, but Asparagus rubicundus features on account of its status as one of my least favourite plants at Phillipskop. (At least it is native; the invasive alien plants easily beat it in the bad plant category.) It most commonly grows … Discover more

Not the Littlest Bulb

Close-up of flowers of Bulbinella trinervis (Asphodelaceae)

Small white candles of Bulbinella trinervis have appeared scattered through the fynbos. Their slender columns of starry white flowers top a leafless flowering stem that is hard to detect. The flowers belie the genus’s close relationship to their bold bright cousin, the red-hot pokers, Kniphofia. However, the larger species do … Discover more