Everlasting Snow

Syncarpha vestita (Asteraceae) flowers

Snow is practically unheard of in the Klein River Mountains but in spring time, patches of the hillside are turned snow white. The plant is a member of the daisy family called Syncarpha vestita. It is one of the Everlasting Flowers or Sewejaartjies, and this species is also commonly known … Discover more

Doubtfully Fragrant Cats’ Tails

Microdon dubius (Scrophulariaceae) dark purple form

On a still night at Phillipskop during spring, the air is filled with a beautiful but elusive scent. A cat’s tail would not be the first place one would go when hunting down such a scent, but in the fynbos that is one of the primary sources of night-time fragrance. … Discover more

Kniphofia: The Complete Guide

Kniphofia The Complete Guide by Christopher Whitehouse

Kniphofia have been cultivated in Western gardens for more than 300 years but, until now, there has never been a book covering the whole genus. Published in 2016, this comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide to all the species and cultivars also includes extensive information on history, breeding, botany and cultivation. … Discover more