Frogs at Phillipskop

Arum Lily Frog (Hyperolius horstockii)

There are twelve species of frog at Phillipskop. Some of these are more often heard than seen, while others are rarely heard but quite common to find in pools and streams. The colour of many of the frogs can be quite variable and therefore shape and call are the best…

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Single-leaved Star

Pauridia monophlla (Hypoxidaceae)

The first autumn rains bring the arrival of the Single-leaved Cape Stars, Pauridia monophylla, to the upper slopes of Phillipskop. These are members of the Hypoxidaceae family, one of the geophytic members of the fynbos flora with small corms. Most species flower in winter and spring, but the yellow star-shaped…

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Heritage Day Flood at Phillipskop

Road to Phillipskop during flood

September 25th 2023 will be a day that is forever etched on the minds of those in Stanford and the surrounding areas. There had been a Level 9 warning the day before for heavy rain and damaging winds but even so, the resulting flooding was beyond what anyone had imagined.…

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