Friends of Phillipskop

From February 2024, access for hiking at Phillipskop is a privilege for members of our Friends of Phillipskop scheme and people staying in our overnight accommodation. By becoming a member of Phillipskop you are supporting the conservation work that we are doing here. Phillipskop helps to conserve over 900 species of native plants in 246ha of pristine fynbos. Many of these plant species are local endemics to the Klein River Mountains and Overberg. By protecting these we also help conserve the mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, as well as many smaller invertebrates, which rely on the fynbos and its associated wetlands, rocky peaks and streams. From the King Protea to the Annual Spike-Moss and the Cape Leopard to the tiny De Villiers Moss Frog, it is not just you who benefits from becoming a member of Phillipskop.

Crassula capensis, Erica labialis, Trichocephalus stipularis, Haemanthus coccineus, Pauridia monophylla, Utetheisa pulchella, Erica multiumbellifera, Poyntonia paludicola, Ischnura senegalensis
Some of the beautiful plants and animals to be seen at Phillipskop

As a Friend of Phillipskop, you will be able to enjoy:

  • Entry to the reserve for yourself (plus another named member and guests, if using a Member Plus or Family Member card) 365 days a year*
  • Exclusive booking of Sundew Cabin (opening later in 2024), our mountain hut – which is reserved as a privilege for members and others who are supporting our conservation work

Non-members will only be able to access the reserve whilst staying overnight in our cottages, by booking a guided walk, or when accompanying a member with a Member Plus or Family Member permit.

Three levels of membership are available:

  • Solo Member – R420 – annual permits provide entry for the person named on the card. The card is not transferable. Accompanying persons are only possible with a Member Plus or Family Member permit.
  • Member Plus – R800 – annual permits provide entry for up to two named members. If either named member is visiting the reserve without the other, they may bring one guest (or two children). (See also Family Member if additional guest options are required.)
  • Family Member – R1250 – annual permits provide entry for up to two named members plus two guests (or four children). If there is only one named member visiting the reserve, then the additional entry can be used by a third adult (or two additional children).

Please also note the following:

  • Entry hours for members are between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Sunday* – members should be off-site by 6pm, unless staying in our overnight accommodation. Hiking before 8am or after 6pm is a privilege reserved for overnight guests only.
  • All members must sign the hiking register at reception with name, car registration(s), member number(s) and number of hikers, before setting off on their walk in the reserve on every visit. It is vital for us to know who is on the reserve and who the cars in the car park belong to at any time in case of an emergency.
  • A named member must always be present to bring guests onto the reserve when using a Member Plus or Family Member permit.
  • Membership cards cannot be used for commercial purposes; members cannot charge any fees for accompanying guests.
  • Swimming pool is only for use of overnight guests.
  • All permits run from 1 February to 31 January. No pro-rata rates are applicable.

Forms for joining can be downloaded from here and e-mailed along with proof of payment to

* Please note: rights of admission reserved by management. We reserve the right to close the reserve to members, charge extra for special events, or make changes to our opening times. Please check our website for up to date details.  

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