Latest news about Phillipskop

Rock Art on Cape Whale Coast

Rock art depicting group of men

We are delighted to announce a new Heritage Site at Phillipskop Mountain Reserve near Stanford, due to the recent discovery of rock art in our cave – the only recorded rock art on the Cape Whale Coast!  This rock art site will be opening to the public on 1st December…

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Kniphofia: The Complete Guide

Kniphofia The Complete Guide by Christopher Whitehouse

Kniphofia have been cultivated in Western gardens for more than 300 years but, until now, there has never been a book covering the whole genus. Published in 2016, this comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide to all the species and cultivars also includes extensive information on history, breeding, botany and cultivation.…

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Geocache Trail

Geocache box

Geocaching is a simple way of turning an ordinary walk in the country into a fun treasure hunt. We have hidden six geocaches along the route of two of our hiking trails. All the geocaches can be done as a loop of about 3.5km, providing goals along the way, which…

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Hiking up and around Phillipskop

Phillipskop from the ridge of Klein River Mountains

Many of us love to get to the top – not just for the views, but also just because it’s there, waiting to be conquered! At Phillipskop Mountain Reserve you have two options – climbing to the summit of Phillipskop (487m) itself, or hiking up to the ridge and climbing…

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Rock Stacks Hiking Trail

David Rock Stack

This hiking trail provides a brisk hike to the impressive rock stacks, David & Goliath. Along the trail are good views along the Klein River Mountains towards Stanford and across the Overberg and Akkedisberg Pass. The path starts just above the car park at Reception. The initial part is easy…

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Waterfall Hiking Trail

Waterfall Hiking Trail, along the jeep track to the Picnic Tree

This hiking trail is probably the flattest and easiest route we have developed, with plenty of interest along the way. Additionally, the Rock Art and Heritage Site in Phillipskop Cave, above the Waterfall, is a big draw, making this our most popular trail.   The path starts at the parking…

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