Latest news about Phillipskop

Waterfall Hiking Trail

Waterfall Hiking Trail, along the jeep track to the Picnic Tree

This hiking trail is probably the flattest and easiest route we have developed, with plenty of interest along the way. Additionally, the Rock Art and Heritage Site in Phillipskop Cave, above the Waterfall, is a big draw, making this our most popular trail.   The path starts at the parking…

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We are open for bookings

Oxalis Self-catering Cottage Master bedroom

After several months hard work, we are ready to take bookings for our first cottage. We are especially pleased to be able to show photos of the refurbishments that have been undertaken. We hope that they will give you a good impression of what is on offer during your stay.…

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Alien attack

Alien clearance team

The phrase “alien clearance” might invoke images of the 1970s space invader game, but in South Africa it is a vital part of any conservation effort. As with many other parts of the world, South Africa has its fair share of plants, “aliens”, that have been introduced to the country…

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New road access

Peugeot 107 driving up the new road to Phillipskop

Being high up on the slopes of a mountain has many advantages but the one main problem is working out the best way to get there. Until now we have relied upon a dirt road. That too quickly for our liking turned into a bumpy road. Along with the steepness…

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Many hands make light work

Many hands with paint

On Saturday we had the privilege of a work party from Christ Church Hermanus come and help us paint one of our cottages. Our self-catering cottages are a good size, able to accommodate 6 to 8 people, but the disadvantage is that means a lot of wall area to cover.…

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Solar Hot Water Installed

Self-catering cottage with solar hot water

A popular joke doing the rounds at present is “What did South Africans use before candles? Electricity”. Whatever Eskom are up to with their load-shedding, one thing that you don’t need to worry about at Phillipskop is hot water. The self-catering cottages have all had their solar geysers fitted. As…

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