For the Kids

Phillipskop Mountain Reserve is an ideal destination for your and your family. Situated just outside Stanford and half an hour from Hermanus, the reserve offers plenty of scope for you and the family to explore, and for the kids to let off steam. Enjoy waterplay in the streams, swimming in the dam, walks to the waterfall, rock stack or Phillipskop Peak – and discover more about the natural world during your visit. Come for the day, or book one of our family-friendly self-catering cottages and stay for longer.

Here are some suggestions of activities your kids might enjoy (based on experience with our own kids!):

Breakfast at the Breakfast Table rock

Breakfast Table

Why not get up early one morning and watch the sunrise whilst enjoying some breakfast on this flat-topped rock on the Panorama Path?

Family at Ebenezer Cairn

Ebenezer Koppie

We are building a Cairn of Thankfulness, and your family can help! Take a walk up to the Koppie, where each member of the family can add a rock to the cairn, whilst thinking of something they’d like to say thank you for.

Children on activity trail

FAB Trails

Our Family Activity Bible Trails not only give you the chance to enjoy the beautiful views, the fantastic fynbos, and the fresh mountain air – but you’ll also get to learn from God’s word, the Bible!

Children exploring fynbos

Fantastic Fynbos

We offer guided walks suitable for all the family so that the kids can learn something about our Fantastic Fynbos during their stay. Walks can be geared for all levels of ability – please enquire at Reception.

Phillipskop Plant Spotter Guides

Flower Bingo

Explore the fynbos and play flower bingo by encouraging the kids to spot the flowers needed to complete a row or column on our Plant Spotter Guides.

Kids on Jungle Gym

Fynbos Jungle Gym

Situated between the cottages and Reception, opposite the turning to the start of the hiking trails. The jungle gym is designed for 4-12 year olds, though younger children may also enjoy the jungle gym, if supervised at all times.

Swinging on Rope Swing

Gum Tree Rope Swing

Along the Candlewood Trail, about half way to the Picnic Tree you will find a patch of gum trees and a yellow rope swing. Most people cannot resist having a go on the way past, whether you are a child or just a child-at-heart.

Children climbing Picnic Tree

Picnic Tree

This stunning Rock Candlewood Tree is perfect for climbing, and you will find a shady picnic table underneath. So why not bring along some snacks or your lunch?

Family at stream near rock stack

Stream Play at the Rock Stacks

There are many streams at Phillipskop where our kids enjoy playing, but one of their favourite spots is the stream near the Rock Stacks. It’s a great place for a picnic too, with lovely flat rocks to sit on.

Children swimming in dam


If you need to cool off, our natural swimming pool offers beautiful swimming surrounded by nature; for a more rustic swim, head to the Lily Pond where you can swim among the lilies; you can also continue exploring upstream to Nerine Pool, a beautiful shady pool to cool off in.

Geocache box in situ

Treasure Hunt

Try out our geocache trail and your walk will turn into a treasure hunt.  The kids can bring along small trinkets, which they can swap (for any item of similar or lower value) when you find a geocache – see geocaching guide.

Kids playing at waterfall


Although the waterfall itself is rarely more than a trickle except after rain, the sandy area at the base of the waterfall is a great place to play, and is shady for most of the morning. See if you can spot some of the many frogs, tadpoles, freshwater crabs and other creatures in the pools – but please take care of our wildlife whilst you enjoy it.

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