Arrival at Phillipskop

We have finally arrived at Phillipskop. The views alone assure us that this will be a place that people will want to visit but as we start to explore the reserve, we can see the potential of what is to come. Although we have moved into the main house, the self-catering cottages will take a couple of months to make ready for guests. We hope to give a more accurate timescale on when we will be opening up the reserve over the next couple of weeks as we assess the work that needs doing.

View of main house and self-catering cottages from slopes of Phillipskop

View of main house and self-catering cottages from above

In the meantime, we will continue to post up some of our more interesting sightings on the reserve. I would have loved to post up a photograph of the small grey mongoose that we saw as we drove into the reserve. Unfortunately, these mammals don’t hang around long enough for spontaneous photographs. Instead, here is a huge caterpillar that we found on a walk to one of the dams on the reserve, a more obliging subject for the camera.

Large caterpillar at Phillipskop

Pine emperor moth caterpillar at Phillipskop

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