First hike to Phillipskop cave

Hiking up to Phillipskop cave

Hiking up to Phillipskop cave

This is a blog from our first trip to the cave. Click here to find out about Phillipskop Cave and heritage site now. Paths have been built and the walk only takes 30-40 minutes.

We have been on our first expedition to our cave. We took a track as far as we could, but from there it was bushwhacking up the valley to the cave. It took us about 1 hr 10 mins from our house but we did have 3 small children to contend with – the ridge beyond looked about twice as far again, so at our pace it would be a long walk to the top! This place has great potential and interest for hiking trails – but we do need to develop some paths. Our youngest, Zachary (5) found the bushwhacking particularly tricky, and needed to be carried quite a bit, but he was pleased to get there. Our older two, Boaz (7) and Joshua (9) both coped well with the challenge. The views from the cave are beautiful – you can see the waterfall and rock stack beyond, as well as up to the ridge and down the valley.

The cave is huge and it is sheltered too, with trees growing at the entrance. The floor is flat and sandy, although some sort of mat will probably help ensure a good night’s sleep. We took a shorter route home, hiking directly over the top – only 50 mins. We were all HOT by the time we got back, so really appreciated joining all the frogs for a swim in our dam.

Whitehouse family at Phillipskop cave

Family at Phillipskop cave


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