Kniphofia: The Complete Guide

Kniphofia have been cultivated in Western gardens for more than 300 years but, until now, there has never been a book covering the whole genus. Published in 2016, this comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide to all the species and cultivars also includes extensive information on history, breeding, botany and cultivation. Although most species are native to South Africa there is a surprising diversity throughout east and central Africa, and into the Arabian Peninsula. All 70 species are shown, with concise botanical descriptions and identification advice. More than 160 cultivars are illustrated in full colour and described, with information on size and flowering period, and they are conveniently grouped by flower colour. The book concludes with a checklist of more than 1,000 cultivar and scientific names, citing original publication details and synonymy as well as first descriptions, dates and raisers of the cultivars.

Kniphofia The Complete Guide by Christopher Whitehouse
Photograph of Christopher Whitehouse with Kniphofia gracilis

Kniphofia gracilis and the author, Chris Whitehouse

The book is the culmination of many years work by the author, Christopher Whitehouse. In 1996, while at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Christopher began work on the account of Kniphofia for the Flora of Tropical East Africa, which was published in 2002. Following a sojourn in South Africa to do his doctorate on Cliffortia, he returned to England, where he worked for 9 years as Keeper of the Royal Horticultural Society Herbarium at Wisley Gardens. During this time, his interest in Kniphofia was reawakened while acting as botanist on the trial of cultivars and species in cultivation. Extensive library work enabled him to establish the origins and descriptions of over 1,000 names that have been coined in the genus. He also undertook an expedition to South Africa to familiarise himself with and photograph many of the species in the wild. The book represents a synthesis of this garnered knowledge, as well as new insights into the genus in the wild and cultivation.

Kniphofia The Complete Guide sample morphology page
Kniphofia The Complete Guide sample species page
Kniphofia The Complete Guide sample cultivation page

Explore the diversity of Kniphofia, from the amazing array of species in Africa to the many superb cultivars now available to gardeners across the world. The book includes:

✤ All 70 species in detail, including spectacular photographs in their wild habitats

✤ More than 160 cultivars illustrated and fully described, representing the majority in cultivation

✤ Cultivars grouped by flower colour, significantly aiding plant choice for gardeners and designers

✤ History of classification and of introduction to cultivation

✤ Botany of Kniphofia and its relationship to other genera

✤ Significant hybridisers and breeding developments, from the 19th century to the present day

✤ A checklist of more than 1,000 cultivar and scientific names, including descriptions, dates and raisers

✤ Detailed cultivation advice and inspiring planting associations

  • Hardcover: 440 pages
  • Publisher: RHS Media (1 April 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1907057676
  • ISBN-13: 978-1907057670
  • Product Dimensions: 19.8 x 3.1 x 25.1 cm


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