Three Peaks Challenge

View of Phillipskop Peak from the ridge

Phillipskop has a fantastic variety of trails which can be combined to make longer and more varied walks. But for those who want the ultimate challenge of exploring Phillipskop in one day, we present the Three Peaks Challenge. This route uses the various trails in the most efficient order to…

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Spot the Difference

Gladiolus hibernus (Iridaceae)

One of the challenges of identifying species in the fynbos is that sometimes very different looking plants are classified under the same species. This is not surprising when species have a wide distribution range, but is more challenging when they grow in close proximity. This variation may be just due…

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Klipspringer Path

Klipspringer Path with rope

The Klipspringer Path is a more adventurous route to the summit of Phillipskop. It begins in the Hidden Valley at the back of Phillipskop and zig-zags its way up through the rocky cliffs of Eagle Crags. This is an easy route but there are a few sections with a bit…

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Triangular Kisses

Oscularia deltoides (Aizoaceae)

The vygie family, Aizoaceae, is best known for the dazzling displays found in the Little Karoo and up the West Coast. But there are a number of species found in true fynbos, which also have the glistening many petalled flowers. One of these, Oscularia deltoides, is a widespread species of…

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