Urban Legend Lily

Nerine sarniensis (Amaryllidaceae)

One of our most beautiful plants at Phillipskop and indeed in the Cape flora itself is Nerine sarniensis. But both the scientific name and the common name, Guernsey Lily (Sarnia is the Latin for the English Channel island of Guernsey), are decidely inappropriate for a species confined to the Western…

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Water Clarity (Natural Swimming Pool)

Clear water in natural swimming pool

For the first 9 months we were seriously wondering whether our whole concept was fatally flawed. The water in the filtration pond immediately filled with silt from the clay and this did not settle out at all. Month after month we waited for the water to show signs of clearing,…

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Planting (Natural Swimming Pool)

Natural swimming pool planting

One of our key aims with the natural swimming pool was to ensure that it fitted in with the landscape and ecology of Phillipskop. For this, it was obvious that we would need to do indigenous planting using only the native flora. But indigenous gardening, certainly in the Cape, is…

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