Construction (Natural Swimming Pool)

Natural swimming pool construction

Work on the natural swimming pool began in October 2019 under the supervision of Anton Duivestein of Walker Bay Construction. An unusual element of our project was that the area had already been excavated when the old dam was dug out. Normally, when building a swimming pool, one can dig…

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Design (Natural Swimming Pool)

Natural swimming pool design

Ever since moving to Phillipskop in 2014, we have wanted to build a swimming pool. However, it was important for us that it fitted in with the habitat and landscape that we are conserving here. A natural swimming pool was therefore the obvious route to go but such projects cannot…

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A monograph on the genus Cliffortia

A monograph on the genus Cliffortia cover

We are pleased to announce the publication by SANBI of Chris Whitehouse’s “Monograph on the genus Cliffortia”. This publication has been over 22 years in the making. It stems out of Chris’s PhD work on Cliffortia done between 1999-2003 at the University of Cape Town, but much work has continued…

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