Gentian Pink

Chironia linoides subsp. nana (Gentianaceae)

Say the word “gentian” and immediately a deep blue colour is conjoured up. But members of the gentian family, Gentianaceae, in South Africa are anything but blue. Chironia linoides is one of these members of the Gentianaceae and flowers at Phillipskop through the summer from November to January. Its flowers…

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Is it a Geranium? Is it an Erodium? No it’s a Pelargonium

Pelargonium incarnatum (Geraniaceae)

One of the most confusing generic names to any gardener is Geranium. Anyone familiar with temporary planting schemes will know the popular Bedding Geraniums. This is the rather misleading common name for hybrids of the genus Pelargonium (mainly derived from Pelargonium zonale). To distinguish them true Geranium are often called…

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