Prostrate Pincushions

Leucospermum gracile (Proteaceae) flowerhead

Pincushion proteas (Leucospermum) count as some of the most popular members of the Protea family (Proteaceae) for cut-flowers. However, there are a number of members of the genus Leucospermum that will never find their way into a cut-flower bouquet. This is because their stems are weak and trailing and their…

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Tapping Toktokkies

Tok-tok beetles are one of those insects that form part of childhood memories. They are commonly seen during the day, walking boldly along paths. Their broad, almost bulbous abdomen makes them easily recognisable. But it is when they stop and use that overweight rear end to tap the ground with…

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Baffling Berzelias

Berzelia lanuginosa (Bruniaceae)

Members of the genus Berzelia are popular as indigenous cut-flowers. They are easily recognisable as they have clusters of numerous small ball-shaped flowerheads. But identifying the species within the genus is another matter. The commonest species in the south-western Cape is Berzelia lanuginosa, which grows and often dominates wet marshy…

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