Protea feathers

Male flower of Aulax umbellata (broad-leaved featherbush, Proteaceae)

Most proteas are winter or spring flowering, so by mid-summer their spectacle is over. This does not mean to say that the fynbos is then devoid of their unusual shape and form. There are other members of the protea family, Proteaceae, to take their place. At Phillipskop, the most prominent…

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How close can you go?

Cape River Frog (Amietia fuscigula)

The great aspect of photographing plants is that they don’t move away from you, so one can take one’s time getting into the right position. With animals one is never quite sure how long they will hang around once they have seen you. Digital photography has transformed the photographing of…

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Diving duikers

Common Duiker Sylvicapra grimmia

The name duiker derives from the Dutch word for diving. A reference to the animals tendency to bolt for cover at the first sign of danger. It is an appropriate name for when one comes across them walking in the bush, this is generally what they will do if they…

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