Swimming at Phillipskop

Visitors to Phillipskop love to head to the Lily Pond to cool off on a hot day. This picturesque dam, fed by a mountain stream, is situated just 300m from our self-catering accommodation, on the western edge of the reserve. As the name implies, blue waterlilies abound here, but there is still space for a cooling dip whilst enjoying the views of the mountains towering overhead. Lily Pond offers you a rustic, close-to-nature swimming opportunity – if you are lucky you might see dragonflies darting amongst the water lilies, or even meet the occasional frog.

Swimming in the lily pond
Swimming in the Lily Pond
Nerine Pool mountain stream pool
Cooling off in Nerine Pool

Those who enjoy exploring can carry on upstream from Lily Pond to Nerine Pool. This is a beautiful mountain stream pool situated in a small steep-sided kloof. Although it is not deep enough for swimming (except for small children) it is a pleasant place to cool off on a hot day as there is nearly always some shade. In March you may be lucky enough to see the bright red of Nerine sarniensis on the slopes above you. Nerine Pool is a gem to be discovered by the more adventurous – although it is only 150 m upstream from Lily Pond, the route requires a bit of boulder hopping upstream and you should expect to get your feet wet.

The valley with Nerine Pool and Lily Pond was full of alien vegetation when we arrived at Phillipskop. We have cleared a lot of these aliens, creating an easy path to Lily Pond, and we are continuing to clear and improve the area. But, it is already a favourite spot with our guests.

Children playing in the Lily Pond
Water Play

Parents are responsible for their children, who should be supervised at all times. Please also keep away from the edge of the dam wall and to be careful on the rocks going upstream to Nerine Pool.

Mountain stream path to Nerine Pool
Path to Nerine Pool
Nerine sarniensis (Amaryllidaceae)
Nerine sarniensis
Swimming with Nymphaea
Amongst the Waterlilies

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